Tony Momoh, Prince Tony Momoh

Tony Momoh Biography

Prince Tony Momoh, born 27 April 1939, the journalist par excellence, a bibliotherapist and cultural engineer is the 165th child of Momoh the first.

He is the third of the four children his mother had for Momoh the first and his mother was the junior of the three groups into which the Momoh Household of 45 wives and 245 children were organised.

He was educated at Government School Auchi, the school Momoh the First had established at Auchi in 1922. He also attended Teacher Training College, Abraka, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the University of Lagos and the Nigerian Law school.

He has degrees in Mass Communication and Law and is a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

He worked in various capacities, including professional and administrative, in the Daily Times of Nigeria Group, and between 1986 and 1990 was the Minister of Information and Culture of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He also served as Chairman of the Board of Nigeria Airways and is a member of the Nigerian Press Council. Prince Tony Momoh has been awarded many honours, including fellowships of the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association, the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and the Advertising Council of Nigeria.

He is a patron of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, and a holder of Selkyo Culture Award presented to him in Japan in recognition of his “great contribution to society” through his “consistent and valuable activities for the sake of the creation of peace and culture”.

He is widely traveled and is married with four children, three boys and a girl, who form part of the more than 1000-member Momoh Clan in Lagos.

Tony Momoh, Prince Tony Momoh
Prince Tony Momoh

Tony Momoh Education

  • Government School, Auchi Jan 1947 – Jan 1954.
  • Anglican School, Okpe, Igarra: Jan 1954 – Dec 1954.
  • Provincial Teacher Training College, Abudu, Benin, Jan 1956 – Dec 1957.
  • Government Teacher Training College, Abraka, Jan 1960 – Dec 1961.
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Sept 1964 – Oct 1966.
  • University of Lagos, Oct 1966 – June 1967.
  • University of Lagos, (Evening Classes) Sept 1969 – June 1974.
  • Nigerian Law School, Lagos, Oct 1974 – May 1975.

Tony Momoh Qualifications

  • Primary School Leaving Certificate, Dec 1954.
  • Grade 111 Teachers Certificate, Dec 1956.
  • Grade 11 Teachers Certificate, Dec 1961.
  • GCE Ordinary Level: Jan 1960.
  • GCE Advanced Level, June 1961.
  • BA (Hons) University of Lagos, June 1967.
  • L.L.B.(Hons) University of Lagos, June 1974.
  • BL (Nigerian Law School), June 1975.

Tony Momoh Other Courses

  • Course in Teeline Leading to Award of Proficiency Certificate.
    • Certificate in Teeline; Teeline Speed Writing 80 W.P.M.
    • IPC Training Scheme, Plymouth; and Instructor’s Certificate in Teeline, June 1971.
  • Journalism Teaching: IPC Training Scheme, Plymouth and Thompson Foundation Editorial Study Centre, CARDIFF: May – Sept, 1971.
  • Use and preparation of audio-visual aids: IPC Laboratory, Hemmel Hampstead, U.K, Aug 1971
  • Advanced General Management Course, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria, (Six Weeks in two parts: Kaduna and Ibadan) 1977: Part 1- Oct 3-22, 1977, Kaduna. Part 11 – Nov 14 – Dec 3, 1977, Ibadan.
  • Effective Newspaper Management in An Inflationary Period. Manpower and Planning Unit, Daily Times, Nov 20-24, 1979, Trade Fair Motel, Badagry Road, Lagos.
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Executives, NIM, Dec 10-14, 1979.
  • Senior Executive Development Course for Executives organized by NIM/Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited at University of Lagos: October 5 – 17, 1980.
  • Senior Manager’s Programme Summer 1983, Ashridge Management College, UK.
  • Advanced Course in Practice and Procedure, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos: April/May, 1985.
  • Top Management Briefing, Management Centre Europe, Cannes, France. September 24 – 27, 1985.
  • Pupil Teacher, Anglican School, Auchi, Jan-Dec 1955.
  • Headmaster, Anglican School, Ubuneke, Ivbiaro, Owan, LGA, Jan 1958 – Dec 1959
  • Teacher, Anglican Secondary Modern School, Auchi, Jan – Aug, 1962.

Tony Momoh Work

  • Former Minister of Information & Culture, Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Former Chairman, Board of Nigeria Airways
  • Former General Manager, Times Publications Division, Daily Times of Nigeria.
  • Former General Manager, Planning & Development, Times Group
  • Former Editor of Daily Times
  • Former Manager, Times Newspaper Training Centre
  • Former Secretary, Nigerian Guild of Editors
  • Former President, Nigerian Guild of Editors
  • Chairman, Accreditation Board of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, 1979-1989
  • Chairman, National Registration Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, 2001 to date.
  • Member, Board of the Nigerian Press Council
  • Member, Board of Independent Newspapers Limited
  • Chairman, Award Nominating Panel of the Nigerian Media Merit Award
  • Member, Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Media Merit Award
  • Fellow — Commonwealth Journalists Association; Nigerian Guild of Editors; Nigerian Institute of Journalism
  • Honorary Fellow — Nigerian Institute of Public Relations; Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria.
  • Author of many papers on media practice and media laws
  • Legal Practitioner and Media Consultant
  • Yerima of Auchi Kingdom
  1. For appointment of Editor, Chronicle (Daily and Sunday), Calabar, 1978.
  2. For appointment of Editor, Observer (Daily and Sunday), and research editors, Benin, 1978.
  3. For appointment of Editor, Sketch (Daily and Sunday), Ibadan, 1978.
  4. For the establishment and execution of an enlightenment package in Nigeria for ECOWAS to be tolerated by Nigerian and acceptable to the Media and Nigerians.
  5. For appointment of News Editor, members of Editorial Board and reporters: TRIBUNE, Ibadan, 1986.
  6. Led Daily Times team to study and make recommendations on revamping the operations of Plateau Publishing Company Limited, Jos, 1986.
  7. For establishment of publicity outfit for the presidency, a system Nigeria had adopted, 1978.
  8. For Nigerian Press Council’s hosting of the World Association of Press Council’s 1st Regional Conference in Africa, October 1996.
  9. Director, Alex Ekwueme Presidential Campaign Organization, 1999.
  10. Chairman, Media and Publicity of ANPP Campaign Organisation, 2003
  11. Chairman, Political Committee of The Buhari Organisation (TBO)
  12. Chairman, Media and Publicity of ANPP Campaign Organisation, 2007


  1. Sub-editor, Daily Times, Oct 1962 – Sept 1964.
  2. Sub-editor, Daily Times, June 1965 – Sept 1965 (Long Vac)
  3. Sub-editor, Daily Times, June 1966 – Sept 1966 (Long Vac)
  4. Assistant Editor, Daily Times, June 1967 – Dec 1967.
  5. Editor Spear Magazine: Dec 1967 – May 1971.
  6. Training Manager, Times Newspaper Training Centre, Aug 1971 – March 1976.
  7. Acting Editor, Daily Times: March – June, 1976.
  8. Editor /DepGM Editorial Daily Times: June 1976 – May, 1980.
  9. Deputy Manpower & Planning Adviser Daily Times: May 1980 – June 1982.
  10. General Manager (Planning and Development), Daily Times, June 1982 – June 1984.
  11. General Manager (Special Duties: Editorial) Daily Times, Jan – June 1984.
  12. General Manager (Times Publications Division), June 1984 – Sept 1986.


  1. Secretary, Nigerian Guild of Editors, 1970 – 1974.
  2. Secretary, Board of Governors, Times Newspaper Training Centre, 1971 – 1976.
  3. Secretary, Selection Committee, Times Newspaper Training Centre, 1971 – 1976.
  4. President, Nigerian Guild of Editors, 1976 – 1978.
  5. Member, Board of Governors, Nigerian Institute of Journalism: 1977 – 1986.
  6. Member, Publicity Committee for Organizing the Commonwealth Law Conference in Nigeria: 1978 – 1980.
  7. Member, Editorial Board to produce Commonwealth Law Conference Book, 1980.
  8. Member, Board of Governors, Times Newspaper Training Centre, 1980.
  9. Chairman Accreditation Board of the Nigerian Union of Journalists: 1979 – 1989.
  10. Member, Enlightenment Committee, Nigerian Bar Association 1985.
  11. Member, International Press Institute.
  12. Association Member, Teeline Association.
  13. Appointed Minister of Information & Culture, September, 1986 – 1990.
  14. Chairman, African Conference of Information Ministers, 1988 – 1990.
  15. Chairman, Board of Directors of the Nigerian Airways Limited, 1991 – 1993.
  16. Appointed, Member of the Edo State Economic Advisory Committee, 1991.
  17. Member, Nigerian Press Council, since December 1992.
  18. Member, Board of Trustees, Essential Child Care Foundation
  19. Member, Board of trustees, Nigerian Fashion Show
  20. Member, Board of Trustees, Nigerian Media Merit Award, 1999.
  21. Member, Board of Trustees, Journalists Against Aids.
  22. Member, Board of Trustees, African Refugees Foundation (AREF)
  23. Chairman, Media and Law Development Centre, (MALDEC).

Tony Momoh Publications

  • Editor, Ten Years of Nigerian Independence, published by the Daily Times, 1970.
  • Co-editor, Story of the Daily Times: 1926 – 1976.
  • Author: News of the Forgotten Army (1983)
  • Author: Simple Strokes, Daily Times of Nigeria Limited, Lagos, 1984.
  • Author: Revolt of the New Breed and other stories, Fourth Dimension Publishers, Enugu, (1985)
  • Author: Economic Recovery Debate: How Many Roads to Self-Reliance (1990)
  • Author: Reflections On Letters to My Countrymen (1993)
  • Author: Experiment with Disintegration (1994)
  • Author, Each Man His Time, The Biography of An Era (1995)
  • Author, The Edo Culture Group in the Nigerian Polity: In Search Of Sanity (1995)
  • Author: Let Us Be Muslims (1996):
  • Co-author: The Press in Nigeria, (1996)
  • Author: Issues & Perspectives in Government Media Relations, 1998.
  • Author of numerous articles, poems, short stories published in Nigerian media from 1962 to date. Some details below. He has also presented numerous papers on media and law in Nigeria and has written columns such as “Commercial Law Reports” in Business Times (1975 – 1980); “From the Editor’s Diary” in Times International (1976 – 78); and, still running, Point of Order in Sunday Vanguard
  • Author: Thoughts on Governance Without tears (2001)
  • Author, To Save Nigeria, Let’s Talk (2002)
  • Author, State of the Nation 2004: Democracy, Development and The Media (2004)
  • Author: Afenmains in Unity Drive (2004)
  • Author, Democracy Watch, A Monitor’s Diary (compilation of 172 pieces written weekly from 1999 – 1983 in the Sunday Vanguard under the Point of Order Column)
  • Author, Eat To Live (2005)
  • Author, In Search of a Viable Nigeria (2005)
  • Author, Nigeria, Today and Tomorrow (2005)
  • Author, Our Earth and The Earth (2005) –Spiritual
  • Author, Women in Chains (2005) — Spiritual
  • Author, Aliens on Earth (2005) — Spiritual
  • Author, Nigeria, A Dream Betrayed (2006)
  • Author, Will Nigeria Collapse (2006)
  • Author, Democracy Watch, A Monitor’s Diary (compilation of 131 pieces written weekly from 2005 – 2008 in the Sunday Vanguard under the Point of Order Column). NOTE: 15 – 28 are pocket books of less than 70 pages, except 19 and 28 which are more than 500 pages each)

Tony Momoh Honours

  • Honorary fellow of the Advertising Profession by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), 1992, given in “recognition of his significant contributions to the advancement of the advertising profession in Nigeria.”
  • National League of Veteran Journalists Award 1993 “in recognition of his immense contributions to journalism in Nigeria.”
  • Patron of the PMAN by the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN)
  • Special Recognition Award from the Nigerian Music Award, 1990
  • Honorary Fellow Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR).
  • Fellow: Commonwealth Journalists Association.
  • Holder of the Seikyo Culture Award given in Japan for his “great contributions to society” through his “consistent and valuable activities for the sake of the creation of peace and culture”.
  • Honoured by Etsako Professional Women’s Association (29/11/92)
  • Certificate of Appreciation “for meritorious service to the National Theatre” 1992
  • Honoured by the University of Nigeria Alumni Association, Lagos Branch National Body, 1993. First awardee of ALOHA (Alumnus of High Achievement)
  • League of Veteran Journalists Award 1993.
  • Patron, Auchi Allied Association (1997)
  • Patron, Nigerian Fashion Show (1997)
  • Fellow, Nigerian Guild of Editors – FNGE (1997) given in “recognition of his competence and leadership qualities as a former President of the Guild.” 1997
  • NPAN Plaque for chairing their National Seminar on the National Mass Media Commission: Its Implications for the Press and Democracy”, Sept, 1998
  • Edo State Peace Forum award “in recognition of his professional and untiring efforts to encourage the youths of Edo State in pursuit of their daily vocations.”
  • Afenmai Youth Forum of Nigeria Millenium Award for leadership “in sincere recognition of outstanding and dedicated service towards the upliftment of Afenmailand.” 1999
  • Times Eminent Persons Award “in appreciation of his contributions to the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc and the Nation” at the celebration of its 75th anniversary in 2001
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Success Digest Club 2001
  • NPAN Plaque for being Guest Speaker at the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria Annual General Meeting and National Seminar of “Media, Democracy and Development”, March 2002.
  • NPAN Plaque for chairing NPAN Workshop on “Newspaper Publishing: Survival Strategies in a Depressed Economy,” on Aug 28, 2002
  • Plaque from the National Handicap Carers Association of Nigeria (NAHCAN) for his “ immense contribution towards the development and progress of the association and the Disabled Nigerians in General.”, 2003
  • Fellow of the Journalism Profession (2005) given by the NUJ for “being a good ambassador of the profession.”
  • Fellow, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi
  • Plaques (3 in all) from the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru in recognition of lectures given at the Institute between 1982 and 85)
  • Appreciation Award from St Finbarr’s College Old Boys Association “in recognition of his outstanding lecture at the Golden Anniversary of St. Finbarr’s College and in commemoration of the late Right Revd. Father Denis Joseph Slattery,” May 23, 2006
  • Award by the Business Education Examination Council “in recognition of his excellent contributions to governmental information and media management” (2006)
  • Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) Fellowship Award “in recognition of his meritorious service to the field of Journalism in Nigeria”, Feb 8, 2007.
  • Patron, Edo Lawyers Association, Lagos
  • Legend of the Media award by the Nigeria Media Green Carpet for selfless service and outstanding contribution to the growth of the media in Nigeria, 2009.
  • APCON award to Prince Tony Momoh in recognition of his worthy role in the establishment of APCON and the Advertising Profession in Nigeria, Nov. 2009.
  • Award of Excellence by Widows Organisation International to Prince Tony Momoh in recognition of his cherished services to God and humanity especially his care for the less privileged in our society, Nov. 2009.
  • Yerima of Auchi Kingdom, 2002 which makes him to be the spokesman of Auchi Kingdom.

Tony Momoh Biography (Tony Momoh)