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Born on June 12th 1963 in Ondo State, Nigeria, T.B. Joshua’s (Temitope Balogun Joshua) journey was a humbling story of how God raised a young man from a poverty-stricken home to lead an international ministry that would attract thousands worldwide to witness the reality of God’s power today.

From dropping out of secondary school in his first year and working in a poultry farm; from teaching little children while attending evening classes and washing people’s legs on the muddy streets of Lagos to embarking on a 40-day fast before receiving the divine call and starting a ministry with a mere eight members – the life of T.B. Joshua was a story of amazing grace and unwavering focus.

He was a mentor to presidents yet a friend to the widows and less privileged, a role model to his generation yet a humble and hardworking man, toiling tirelessly for the advancement of God’s kingdom. His story was an encouragement that there is hope for the weak.

Later in life he claimed to have seen a vision in which popular biblical figures commissioned him to preach and perform miracles. It was then that he started The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), with eight members. T.B. Joshua was the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). The Founder is Jesus Christ! He was just one of those who humbly submitted to the will of God (Isaiah 6:8). TB Joshua was one of the biggest exports of Nigerian charismatic Christianity.

Who Was Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua)?

TB Joshua was born in 12 June 1963 in Nigeria in Ondo State which is some 260 kilo meters from Lagos. TB Joshual was a Yoruba born and his full names are Temitope Balogun Joshua. His father kolawole Balogun was educated man who worked as a translator for the British in Nigeria translating Yoruba to English.

TB Joshua attended an Anglican primary school. After school his father and mother took him to live at the house of an Anglican Priest which was at the back of the school. Growing up he used to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation every 2 months.

“Every two months, I would have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It was the only subject that I believed so much in. It was as if Bible was the only subject that interested me in primary school. In exams, I scored 99 percent consistently whereas I performed woefully in other subjects. My excelling in Bible knowledge affected the other subjects where I performed poorly.”

Growing up TB Joshua lived well and was well fed until his father died when he was still at the St Andrews Anglican primary school. After his father’s death the family started to struggle financially. TB Joshua was then given to his uncle (his mother’s brother) who was a strict Muslim.

After primary school, his uncle took TB Joshua to a strict Muslim secondary school. There at the Muslim school he was not allowed to read the Bible. That was bitter medicine for him. But during school breaks he will often hide under a mango tree to read the Bible. And because of these difficulties he could not finish secondary schooling.

He said, “So I left school. I left because my life was in danger. I could sense that since I was doing this thing secretly one day something is going to happen to me.”

So he left Ondo State to the city of Lagos and got himself a job as a poultry attendant. His job description was to scrub chicken droppings with his hands and put them in bags for use as manure. As he was scrubbing the droppings on top will be chickens dropping more droppings all over his body.

He said because of this his body odor smelled, and that when he moved around the city of Lagos, he smelled very badly and flies were following him. He worked as a poultry attendant for one full year. He was the only Nigerian among Ghanaians. He said no Nigerian could do that kind of menial job, only people from Ghana did it.

Using the little money from his job he went back to school. It was at this time that things changed for him. The other day a class was on, the teacher standing teaching. Then suddenly, a madman came in the classroom and all students and the teacher fled. And the classroom was empty except himself and the madman. People having fled outside were concerned about him because the madman was known to be violent. But he prayed and the madman was calm.

From then on people in the school and around called him a small pastor. And during school assemblies the school principal will call him to open the school’s activities with few scriptures and a word of prayer afterwards. “This is where the awareness of God’s presence on me started” he said.

The news spread around and people came to him to be prayed. From these humble beginnings, came the establishment of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, and the Emmanuel TV one of Africa’s largest Christian television networks.

TB Joshua Predictions:

Best known for his prophecies, Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua) claimed to have predicted numerous events, from the death of Michael Jackson, to the disappearance of the Malaysian plane MH370. In the case of Michael Jackson, TB Joshua said to his congregation:

“In his own area he is famous. He is known everywhere. Great. Too great. Because I see something will begin to happen to that star and that will likely end in him to pack his load and go to the journey of no return, but I don’t know when that journey [is].”

After Michael Jackson’s death, the preacher claimed this was the subject he had spoken about six months earlier.

His critics described his predictions as vague and able to be manipulated to suit any event. This didn’t deterred the thousands of followers who thronged his church services seeking direction.

Other Predictions

•            The November 2015 Paris attacks

•            The Garissa University College attack in Kenya

•            The Ouagadougou hotel siege in Burkina Faso

•            The 2016 Brussels Bombings

•            The Boston bombing attacks in America.

TV Influence:

The South African politician Julius Malema, Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda, Zimbabwean politician Morgan Tsvangirai and the former president of Ghana, the late John Atta Mills, were among the prominent Africans who paid homage.

One arm of the SCOAN is Emmanuel TV, a television station that broadcasts the preaching of TB Joshua around the world, as well as the accounts of people who say their lives were changed for the better because of this ministry. The testimonies include stories about financial prosperity, inexplicable recoveries from illness and even people being awakened from the dead.

One of his prominent projects is My People FC, a football academy which has produced at least two of Nigeria’s bright prospects: Ogenyi Onazi, who plays for Italy’s SS Lazio, and Sani Emmanuel.

Many Nigerians refrained from criticising preachers like TB Joshua. However, the growth of the internet and social media has revealed increasing opposition to wealthy mega-church pastors.

“We don’t subscribe to his brand of Christianity so we cannot endorse what he does,” said one Anglican bishop, who refused to be named.

Prophet T.B. Joshua Death:

Nigerian preacher TB Joshua, one of Africa’s most influential evangelists, died on Saturday 5 June 2021 at the age of 57. Evelyn Joshua, wife of the late TB Joshua, said he had suffered a stroke just two months ago. Evelyn reportedly said her husband had prayed for three hours before the last service on the mountain and that he showed no sign of illness. She said he was concerned about prayers for Indians against the COVID-19 pandemic. Evelyn also took to social media to express her feelings over the loss of her husband.

In a post on Twitter, she said:

“Losing a loved one is never easy; whether sudden or foreseen. It is always heart-breaking. Grief can wreak havoc on our overall well-being. That’s why it’s important to stay rooted to the Almighty. Only He can lessen our heartache and comfort us in these times. Seek refuge in him.”

A post on his Facebook page, which has more than five million followers, said: “God has taken His servant”.

He was said to have died shortly after conducting a live broadcast, but the cause of his death has not been made public. The statement also disclosed that the prophet spoke to partners on Saturday before his death.

“On Saturday 5th June 2021, Prophet TB Joshua spoke during the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting: “Time for everything – time to come here for prayer and time to return home after the service.”

TB Joshua was peculiar for his prophetic utterings. He commanded respect from different parts of the world due to his revelations. His church headquartered in Ejigbo area of Lagos State was a religious destination to people suffering from one affliction or the other. His miraculous wonders were the main attractions.

Reactions to Prophet TB Joshua’s Death

The grief of the fans always accompanies the death of such great and influential Celebrities. However, their impact on this world will never be forgotten, and they will stay alive in the minds of their loved ones.

Soon after heartbreaking news of TB Joshua’s death was released, his fans from all over the world expressed their sadness on social media by sharing their tributes.

T.B. Joshua’s close friend Femi Fani-Kayode opened up about his mistake about saying the prophet’s death is fake news, writing, “The passing of my brother TB Joshua saddens me deeply. At 3.00 am this morning I was told by one of his daughters that this was fake news & I tweeted as much. Sadly I was misled. 5 minutes ago the same person called me & confirmed the story.”

Someone wrote, “Rest In Peace Pastor TB Joshua. Your service to humanity will never be forgotten,” while another said, “Omo fear humans ooo aaaah this TB Joshua (RIP) death is just making me see how humans reek so much hypocrisy Tueh!!”

A user tweeted, “Rest in Peace, Pastor TB Joshua. The man for the People. A good man is good.”

TB Joshua Last Words:

On Saturday 5th June 2021, Prophet TB Joshua spoke during the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting:

“Time for everything – time to come here for prayer and time to return home after the service.”

Anointing Water:

According to T.B. Joshua:

“By using the Anointing Water, you are symbolically setting yourself apart for Jesus Christ’s special attention as you pray in faith. I mean, you are positioned for mercy, favour, healing, deliverance, blessing, prosperity and fruitfulness. It is not the Anointing Water that heals the sick but Jesus Christ Himself. There must be faith both in the person praying and in the person being prayed for. Prayer must proceed from and be accompanied with a lively faith. It is this that brings about the healing, not the Anointing Water.”

TB Joshua Charity:

Prophet Joshua was also known for his charity work. Another Ministry is the humanitarian arm of The SCOAN which is headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team. The ministry is committed to catering to the needs of widows, dwarfs, the elderly, physically challenged, orphans and the destitute.

The ministry provides scholarships to orphans and children of the underprivileged, with educational support given from primary to tertiary levels. There is also a rehabilitation program for armed robbers, prostitutes and militants from Nigeria’s volatile Niger Delta region.

Remember, knowing God is not only seeing His works, but learning His way. Therefore, we should let love be uppermost in our hearts because all our doings without love are nothing. Join Another Ministry to feed the hungry, bring relief to the poor, support the weak the handicapped and bless the needy.

T.B. Joshua Family:

Nigerian prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua and his wife Evelyn had three children – all daughters. Serah, the eldest of the three daughters, is a law graduate from the London School of Economics and is currently pursuing her PhD, reports Briefly. Serah was admitted to the bar in Nigeria as a legal practitioner in December 2015. She married a Tanzanian man in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2021.

The middle daughter, Promise Joshua, is studying for her master’s degree at the London School of Economics, where she has been focusing on international relations and politics. The couple’s youngest daughter is still at secondary school.

TB Joshua Wife

TB Joshua’s wife, Evelyn Joshua. The couple were married in 1990 and have three children together.

TB Joshua Father

TB Joshua father, Kolawole Balogun.

TB Joshua Sport:

In 2009, he started a football club, My People FC.

TB Joshua Fans:

Facebook: Fans 3,500,000.

YouTube: Subscribers over 1,000,000. YouTube Channel of TB Joshua’s TV’s had more than 1,800,000 subscribers and 400 million views, and then in April 2021, it was suddenly closed following charges of hate speech.

Google ranked it as the fourth most viewed clip ever within Nigeria as well as the world’s most viewed Christian ministry on YouTube. It was actually a video claiming that TB Joshua predicted the Malaysia Airlines MH370 event which brought him a lot of attention on social media; The controversial video passed 1 million views.

T.B. Joshua Awards:

For his wide humanitarian activities, he won a National Honour by the Nigerian government in 2008 along with a letter of appreciation from the United Nations. The beloved prophet was honored as an Ambassador of Peace by the Arewa Youth Forum. Besides all, he was recognized with an ‘award of excellence’ by ZAKA.

According to Forbes blogger’s estimation, Joshua spent $20 million on some important human activities including, “education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs for former Niger Delta militants.”

Nigeria’s former president, the late Umaru Yar’Adua, awarded T.B. Joshua the Order of the Federal Republic, one of the country’s highest honours.

TB Joshua’s Net Worth:

In 2011, Forbes said he was the third-wealthiest pastor in Nigeria, with a net worth of $10 million to $15 million.

Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua) Biography and Profile