Nigerian Men in Love With Women

A Ghanaian lady has described Nigerian men as the “best in Africa.” She based her assertion on how Nigerian men supposedly treat the women in their lives. The lady, Zipporah, said this in a tweet via her Twitter handle @Z_Tetteh.

The thread started, where she narrated her experience with Nigerian men. She also revealed that she is currently dating a Nigerian man, whom she calls “King.”

Her first tweet reads, “I don’t understand why Nigerian ladies complain of their men, it’s beyond me. Hands down, Nigerian men are the best in Africa. Their mother, sister, wife/girlfriend(s), daughter & even mother-in-law they treat with maximum respect. Nigerian ladies, respect your men.”

Singer and songwriter, Niniola Apata, recently visited Kenya. She tells some of the highlights of her trip to the East African country

Where is the most interesting place that you have visited recently and what was your mission there?
That would be Kenya and I was in the country for a media tour. While there, I stayed in the capital, Nairobi, and I had quite a memorable time.

Was it a solo trip or you were in company with people?
No, it wasn’t a solo trip because I actually went to Kenya with my team and it was my first time of visiting the country.

What were some of the things that fascinated you on arrival in Kenya?
The first thing that caught my attention was the reception from the people. Without mincing words, they were so nice and accommodating. In addition, they are very eager to teach you their language and also want you to eat their food as a visitor.

Do you recall some of the tourist sites and locations that you visited during your stay?
Due to my very tight schedule, I was only able to visit the safari to see some wildlife. As you know, Kenya is noted for its wildlife and it is something visitors always look forward to whenever they visit the country.

Were there downsides to your trip?
Thankfully, there was none, because as a visitor, I could move around freely, communicate freely, eat and hangout freely. Trust me, the people are really accommodating and I must emphasise that again.

What valuable lessons can Nigeria learn from Kenya in terms of tourism?
I really can’t say there is a particular lesson to learn. I will just say that we need to make sure that we maintain our tourist attractions well in Nigeria and preserve our culture because that’s really what defines us as a people. Maintenance is very important, so we need to imbibe that culture.

Which other travel destinations would you love to visit?
I would love to visit Tanzania, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Paris, and quite a lot of other interesting places.

What travel tips can you offer other travellers?
When embarking on a journey, one should make sure that they have enough money and also secure good accommodation before travelling. More importantly, do a proper research about the area that you are visiting, for safety reasons.

Did you buy any keepsake during your trip?
Yes, I did. I bought some of their traditional wears and wristbands made with their national colours. They are very beautiful and remain memorable for me.

Did you encounter other Nigerians?
I was on an assignment, so I didn’t really have much time to mingle with other Nigerians. I just did my interviews, and performances. Like I mentioned earlier, I visited the safari. Perhaps, when I go back there, I would have ample time to do that.

Do Kenyans have misconceptions about Nigeria and Nigerians?
On the contrary, they love Nigerians. Their women talk so highly about Nigerian men and how they take care of their women. They also call us loud spenders. I didn’t really hear any negatives.

Which mouth-watering dishes did you eat in Kenya?
I remember eating their local delicacy known as Ugali and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Do you look forward to another visit?
Yes, I sure do look forward to visiting Kenya again because the people loved me so much and they made me feel at home during my stay and I really cannot wait to go back there.