Jesse Abaga, Jesse Jagz

Jesse Abaga, Nigerian hip hop recording artiste better known as Jesse Jagz, is set to drop his fourth studio album entitled ‘Legacy’. Ice Prince, another rapper, announced this in a tweet on Sunday, although he didn’t disclose when the project would be put out.

Jagz, who is a brother to Jude Abaga, rapper better known as MI Abaga, has been off the music scene in a protracted hiatus.

He was recently mentioned in ‘Judas The Rat‘, Vector’s diss song to MI, where the former criticized the latter for “evicting” Jagz in a move that saw him “struggle” and get tossed from Lagos to Ondo and thereafter to Port Harcourt.

“I don’t do politics music leaving people suffering behind. You call yourself a teacher but your students fail real life. Your brother was such a gift, you rapped away from real light. I mean, you claim to help people who are struggling to make it. Mmm, well Jesse is struggling,” vector said in the song.

“Your brother went from Lagos to Ondo then to Jos. Choc City went down from all that f***boy antics. The last I checked, Jesse was in a Choc Boy mansion. But since your Big Brother evicting him is part of the game. You didn’t care about your father, the one you both share his name. And now you tryna be my father, that’s what he said.”

‘Legacy’ would be coming as a follow up to Jesse’s ‘Jag of All Tradez’ released in 2010, ‘Jagz Nation’ released in 2014 and 2015 as a two-volume series, as well as ‘Odysseus’, which was put out in 2017.

In April 2015, Jesse re-signed with Chocolate City after leaving the label in May 2012 to establish his own imprint known as Jagz Nation.

The 35-year-old is acclaimed as Nigeria’s Kanye West for his flirtatious experimentation with different genres of music from R&B and reggae to pop while predominantly basing his releases on hip hop.