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Dr Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, born 12 November 1960, is not new to the political scene especially in Kwara State. He is a medical graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria who has had over 30 years experience in both private and public sector as a medical professional, Politician and a Humanitarian. He was once a majority leader at the Kwara state house of assembly between 1999 – 2003.

He contested for the senate under ACN in 2011 against Saraki who was the incumbent governor then and by popular believe won the election, however the seat was handed to Saraki at the court of appeal against the wishes of many Kwarans.

Ever since, Dr Oloriegbe remains one of the few men standing against the reign and style of Saraki regime in Kwara and with the help of the masses is ready to unseat him the time around. He is currently leading the polls to be the APC flag bearer for the Kwara Central senatorial seat, the same seat currently occupied by Dr Bukola Saraki who is currently going un-opposed as PDP flag bearer for the same senate seat and also contesting for the PDP presidential ticket at the same time.

Dr Oloriegbe in a press statement on his declaration of interest to run for the Kwara central senatorial seat has this to say; “WHY I OFFER MY HUMBLE SELF AS A BETTER REPRESENTATIVE OF KWARA CENTRAL IN THE NIGERIAN SENATE A visit around the neighborhoods of Ilorin and its environ will reveal the following:

Area boys in groups at various corners of the neighborhood, harassing innocent citizens, extorting money from them and creating a sense of fear and insecurity.

Violence, political thuggery, robbery, insecurity.

Large number of unemployed youths; Young boys begging for food or waiting at occasions as food scavengers.

Men and women begging for money otherwise known locally as “fine bara”; Old men and women living in abject poverty.

Boys and girls out of school, poor quality education for those in schools with poor school infrastructure.

Poor health system and services with huge out of pocket expenses at the point of services at the private health care providers.

Women and girls going about with buckets and jerry-cans in search of water. Roads litter with pot holes; incessant power failures and inability of artisans to work due to lack of electricity.

The poverty situation is worse in the rural communities of Asa, Iponrin and Akanbi districts with. Lack of access to quality water, stable electricity, affordable healthcare and other social services. Debasement of our unique and age long family value systems, bastardisation of our cherished Islamic culture, and the gradual loss of our culture of peace and harmony.

Yet all we get from our elected officers/leaders are rhetoric and deceit Why are we in this situation?. In the past 15 years, our society has been in the grip of people who do not share our common values and heritage. They are dealers whose concerns are at variance with the people’s aspirations. They are leaders with inordinate appetite for wealth acquisition. They are political voyagers and power merchants.

They don’t share our Islamic values and culture of leadership being a trust that will be accounted for to Allah the Creator of the universe. Hence they cannot give what they don’t have What is the alternative? Ilorin people need one of them. They deserve a leader who has deep and good understanding of the Islamic culture and its value system, which defines us as a people.

Ilorin Emirate deserves a leader who can combine vast international exposure with deep knowledge of our cherished self-identity as we collectively strive for solutions to our numerous challenges. Such a leader should be accessible to the young, the old and all strata of the community. He should be selfless, truthful, humble and facilitative. We need the Restoration of our lost values, heritage and freedom that put us in a state of poverty and underdevelopment Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe offers to serve as a better accessible and responsible representative

“We need the Restoration of our lost values, heritage and freedom that put us in a state of poverty and underdevelopment Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe offers to serve as a better accessible and responsible representative.”

Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe was born in Ilorin by an Ilorin father and mother, nurtured and cultured in Ilorin through Quranic, primary and secondary education; participated and held offices in Ilorin Students Union (local and national), Ilorin Emirates Descendants Progressive Union (IDPU), (at the northern zone, Ilorin and National levels). -Married to a full indigene of Ilorin and all his children had their primary, secondary and university education in Ilorin.

The three of his married children married Ilorin Emirate indigenes. -Had university education in Zaria (ABU) associating with many indigenes of Ilorin (and Kwara in general) and participating in community development activities.

Practiced medicine at public and private sectors in Ilorin, Kano, Abuja (and abroad) and participated in various community development activities in all these places – Had post-graduate education in London and Paris, worked with many International organizations in Nigeria, Liberia, the UK and US and travelled across and US and travelled across all continents on developmental assignments. I was a notable, tested and trusted member of the Kwara state House of Assembly (1999- 2003) where I was Majority leader, Chairman House Committee on Health and House Committee on Local Government.

My legacy during the period include: facilitating the construction of Alore-Asalapa road, reconstruction and equipping of 4 health centers in ogidi, omoda, Adewole and Alanamu; construction of 10 bore holes in various areas of my constituency, renovation of several primary and secondary schools, award of scholarships to indigent students etc -Established functional businesses in Ilorin that provide employment to many Kwarans and contributing to the socio-economic development of the state.

“I left my comfort zone for discomfort zone. This is a discomfort because I worked for an international organization and I was being paid like an expatriate. I don’t have money for politics but what I have is goodwill, and goodwill is more than money. By contesting senatorial as candidate between 201, 2015 and now, it is based on that goodwill. It is the people that believe in me that have kept me going. When I said mobilise, it is about us telling our people because several of our people are not privileged like us. Let us support the change that we are clamouring for.”

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