Best Valentines Day Gifts Nigerian Women Cherish - Chocolate

A new study has revealed that Nigerian women mostly expect perfumes, sweets, teddy bears and jewelleries as gifts from their significant other on Valentine’s Day.

The study, published by Picodi, an online platform, on Tuesday, examined trends of Valentine’s Day celebration in 38 countries using 11,000 people.

It measured the type of gifts Nigerians would like to receive on Valentine’s Day, how much money they are willing to spend and if their gifts suit the taste of their partners.

Findings from the study showed that men craved gift cards, perfumes and money the most from their lovers.

“We also asked what gifts Nigerians expect to get from their significant others and according to women, the most expected gifts were perfumes, sweets, teddy bears, jewellery and lingerie. As for men, the most expected option was gift cards, perfumes and money,” it said.

The study also showed that cosmetics and money topped the list of worst Valentine’s Day gifts for women while that of men include clothes and teddy bears.

Best Valentines Day Gifts Nigerian Women Cherish - Teddy Bear

It was, however, a different outcome when study considered what Nigerians would rather buy as gifts on Valentine’s Day for their lovers.

Perfumes, clothes and flowers topped men’s list while that of women include electronics, sweets and alcohol.

Best Valentines Day Gifts Nigerian Women Cherish

When spending behaviour was taken into consideration, the study showed Nigerians spend an average of N11,440 to buy gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Comparatively, however, the study revealed that men spend more on Valentine’s Day to buy gifts than women.

“On average, we spend N11,440 on Valentine’s Day gifts in Nigeria, with men spending 34% more than women (N13,088 vs. N9,792),” it said

The study also examined the spending rate on Valentine’s Day among the countries selected.

Best Valentines Day Gift - Chocolate
Best Valentines Day Gifts - Candy
Best Valentines Day Gifts - Chocolate

Findings showed that Nigeria ranked the least at $30 while Hong Kong topped the chart with $124.

“Among the countries researched, the highest amounts are spent in Hong Kong (US$124), the United Kingdom (US$117), Ireland (US$112), and the United States (US$106). Nigeria placed last in the ranking (US$30),” it added.

Best Valentines Day Gifts Nigerian Women Cherish

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