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Power and grace, all in a single package. Davek’s best-in-class umbrellas combine uniquely strong umbrella frames with pure aesthetic beauty. Top rated and highly acclaimed. Unparalleled strength, built to last considerably longer than your standard umbrella. The perfect individual-sized weatherproof umbrella. The perfect size for people on-the-go.

These sleek umbrellas are compact enough to fit into any bag or luggage compartment and strong enough to withstand the most brutal weather conditions. The gorgeous handle features a convenient clip to attach to your belt or hold in place within a bag.

Davek’s wind-resistant, strong frame systems and water-proof canopy combine technology with pure aesthetic beauty for the world’s best quality umbrellas!

Pick up a Davek umbrella and you will immediately sense that this is a whole different kind of umbrella. Each Davek umbrella features a unique frame system designed to maximize wind-resistance and frame resilience.

Davek patented carbon WindFibre™, Duplex Frame™ and Wind-Tension™ frame systems are composed of high-grade steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy and aluminum to produce a vastly superior construction from that of conventional umbrellas.

Davek Solo Umbrella From New York
Davek Solo Umbrella From New York

Each rib is reinforced with high-density fiberglass ligaments to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds.

A taut, tension-based canopy gives the open umbrella unsurpassed stability. When closed, each rib is engineered to nest into each other, creating a tightly furled, compact result. The water proof canopy is constructed of superior-quality microweave fabric (the most tightly woven available) to offer maximum protection from any precipitation.

Better to buy one high-quality product that will last for many years, than an endless stream of replacements.

Davek umbrellas evoke quality through durability, material authenticity, genuine functional improvements, and flawless performance. As many as 96 painstaking steps and over 12 points of inspection are used to produce a single Davek umbrella. The result is a product with unparalleled quality and flawless performance.

“Davek umbrellas may be the perfect extreme accessory. Built to withstand nature’s wrath.” – New York Times.