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According to Elumelu: “What we do at the Tony Elumelu Foundation is to create a platform for African youths, give them the opportunity to interact with our leaders and give them seed capital to help them prove their ideas so that our young ones don’t go to the grave with their ideas. We want to see them succeed and I am happy that everyone is on board about prioritising them, about supporting them, about providing extra capacity to enable them to become our true future leaders.Find out more

Abdul Samad Rabiu, Rabiu Umar, Rabiu Abdullahi Umar, Abdulsamad Rabiu Nigerian Richest Man

“That experience strengthened my resolve because it was not easy. I never thought I was going to quit. If you don’t fight back or if you are weak, you will never survive. You have to understand that this is not personal but business and you have to keep fighting. When they see that you are fighting and not giving up then they let go because most of these things are illegal anyway,” says Abdulsamad Rabiu.Find out more

John Boyega, John Adedayo Adegboyega, Star Wars, Nigerian Men Stories

Playing Finn in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” propelled John boyega to the global stage. Sources of Wealth: Film, Television, Stock Investment, Property Holdings, Endorsement Deals, Restaurants, Football Team, Vodka Brand, Production Company, Perfume and Fashion Line. John Adedayo Adegboyega net worth: $2 Million.Find out more