Shabby shoes can put too much stress on your heel bone and connected tissues. This can lead to plantar fasciitis, which is when the band of connective tissue under your foot stretches and tears. Gel inserts can save the day if you stand up a lot. Trace the shape of your foot before you go shopping. If a shoe that catches your eye doesn’t fit your outline, move on. Here’s how to fix the mistakes you’re making with your shoes.Find out more

Safety Razor, Shave, Shaving Beard

That sharp blade is flush against your skin. So, be careful, but if you master the craft, you’ll never look back. The shave requires more attention and precision, but it puts you in more control over the process. First things first: Keep the skin tight as you shave. You don’t want to drag the razor, lose your grip, or accidentally apply pressure. All that to say, a safety razor promises a safer, healthier shave when done correctly.Find out more