Bamidele Onalaja, Nigerian News Today

The nation’s housing stock is expected to grow significantly if RevolutionPlus Property, a real estate company, is able to deliver on its promise to deliver 10,000 homes in the next five years.

The promise looks more credible with the signing on of a renowned actress and movie producer, Omoni Oboli as the Brand Ambassador of RevolutionPlus Property, which already has strong presence in the nation’s real estate market.

Chief Executive Officer, RevolutionPlus Property, Mr. Bamidele Onalaja spoke of the future addition in the company’s portfolio at the unveiling of the A-list artiste in Lagos recently.

Onalaja said the company aims to provide homes for more Nigerians, particularly those in the Diaspora, adding that they had a flexible payment structure and free/interest-free mortgage for use in all their estates.

He said, “Funding is a major problem for developers because interest rates from banks are killing. But we have been able to avoid fast loans; we do not owe any bank, we work within our means.”

He said they had built 5,000 housing units in the last five years to Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora, adding that the three major things for everyone are shelter, food and clothing but that shelter was more important.

Bamidele Onalaja said the company always had promos during festive periods and that “Our Christmas and new year promo which is running from November 15 to January 15 is to help more people become homeowners with reduced prices and other gifts. We also unveiled our brand ambassador, Omoni Oboli, who will be joining our other Brand Ambassadors to create a niche for the company.”

He said the firm chose Oboli because she was scandal-free and that she had a track record of integrity.

On what she would bring to the table, Omoni Oboli said “One of the things we are looking at is to get more people in the Diaspora to work with our brand. We know that over the years, people in the Diaspora have been duped by family, friends; you think they are building a mansion for you in Nigeria, yet they’re sending their children to school or building their own house, and then you come home one Christmas and ask for your house and there is no house or it’s only foundation you’d see.”

Oboli said people trust her brand and that they are partnering to tell prospective homeowners that they could be trusted to deliver homes to them, adding that they intended to visit those in the Diaspora, at some point, to tell them what is available and to ask what they want built for them.

She said her partnership with the property company was based on trust and excellence. “You have to believe in something to sell it. The fact that they have trust and excellence as their watchword; those are the things that I have as well. I look out for things like that and for me it is perfect.”

On the choice of Oboli as a Brand Ambassador to move their building products in the market, the Executive Director, RevolutionPlus, Mrs. Tolu Onalaja, said Omoni readily came to their mind. “I know strongly that this relationship is going to go very far because we have similar values.”