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Anthony Joshua Instagram feed is a littered with snaps of exotic holidays on private jets, custom-made sports cars and watches worth more than £350,000. The boxing star also has a humble two-bed flat in Sheffield that he uses when training, which features a master bedroom with a single bed, worn out sofas in the living room and just one communal bathroom.

And while Joshua might be one of the few people in the country not to have to worry about the cost of his weekly supermarket shop, it seems he doesn’t even pay for his own cartons of eggs, with his sponsors paying for his meal prep as well.

But despite being worth £35 million and living a life of luxury, Nigerian-British boxing icon Anthony Joshua is so humble that he still lives in an ex-council house with his mum – and gets everything from his luxury holidays to his clothes for free.

His right-hand man and marketing manager, Freddie Cunningham, says that despite having “a lot of money,” Joshua “doesn’t live the life that he could.”

Anthony Joshua didn’t take long to become the poster boy for Nigerian-British boxing when he turned professional in 2013.

And since then he has raked in huge sums of money as he completed his transformation from bad boy to heavyweight champion of the world.

Joshua earned just £15,000 for stopping Emanuele Leo six years ago but it is fair to say his pay days have increased significantly since then.

By the time he took on Wladimir Klitschko in 2017 he was earning £15million and he earned the same when he took on Carlos Takam later in the same year.

Of course, that fee is much reduced once Joshua pays his trainer, manager and of course his tax bill.

But his purses kept increasing as he banked £18m for beating Joseph Parker in Cardiff last year and then £20m for beating Alexander Povetkin.

He earned several million more against Andy Ruiz Jr and will earn at least another £46m in their rematch.

That takes his career earnings to more than £100m – and that doesn’t take into account his out-of-ring promotional activities.

Joshua counts Audemars Piguet, Beats, British Airways, Hugo Boss, Jaguar, Lucozade and Under Armour among his sponsors which are believed to earn him more than £10m a year.

That means his net worth will be in excess of £110m as he heads into 2020.

As a 17-year-old, Joshua’s first car was a Vauxhall Astra, which he saved up £1,500 to buy and claimed it was a “stable, sturdy car.”

Now, thanks to his partnership with Jaguar Land Rover – which is rumoured to be worth £790,000 a year – AJ rolls round London in his choice of a fleet of luxury wheels, including a customised white Jaguar XJR, worth £93,000.

His favourite motor is his personalised black Range Rover, which he says “looks very professional and sets a standard”

He was furious last year when, just days before his fight with Alexander Povetkin, his bespoke £150,000 motor – gifted to him by his sponsors – was stolen outside of his cousin’s house.

Luckily the company replaced it with a new one immediately. When he isn’t sparring, AJ enjoys exotic holidays with his family and friends, with his Instagram showing him recently in Dubai, Jamaica and Miami.

Again, most of these trips are sponsored by countries and resorts who want the privilege of having the sporting icon spotted hitting their hottest tourist spots.

But despite having a fortune in the bank, Joshua is shrewd with his money.

Manager Freddie Cunningham has said: “From the outside, it probably looks like he does [live a lavish lifestyle].

“He’s seen in private jets, wearing expensive watches, and driving around in nice cars. But the jets are all sponsored. We’ve never paid for a private jet, or a helicopter, in our life and he gets a signature car from Land Rover.

“He’s not spending that money. He’s accumulating money. He’s living a lifestyle that probably everyone wants him to live, or see him live, but he’s doing it in a smart way.”

Anthony came from humble beginnings on a council estate in Watford. And Joshua himself has vowed not to get carried away with his fame and fortune.

“My view is even though I enjoy it and the door has been opened for me, I can’t forget to open the door for people who have come with me and the people who aren’t in a position to enjoy this type of luxury,” he has said.

“I never get too lost in the source and get carried away with these types of things.”

He now says he knows the value of the money he’s made.

“Don’t save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving,” was the advice he gave his 8.8 million Instagram followers recently.