Amaju Melvin Pinnick - Amaju Pinnick Biography and Profile

Who is Amaju Pinnick?

Born December 1, 1970, Amaju Melvin Pinnick is the fifteenth child in a family of nineteen, in a polygamous but loving home. His father, the late Chief Oritsetimeyin Japhet Pinnick, worked with the U.A.C in the 30s, where he rose to become one of the company’s pioneer Nigerian managers.

Amaju Melvin Pinnick, is one full blooded Nigerian who in no small measure loves the country, loves his family deeply, knows his mettle as a sport administrator and has been a successful business man.

He gave his family a modest lifestyle and his main priority was the welfare and well-being of the children. He was a very disciplined man. However, Amaju Melvin Pinnick was barely twelve years old when his father passed on.

Upon his death, things changed for the worse as the family had to face the harsh realities of losing a very caring father and a breadwinner.

His mother, Madam Rebecca Ayomike, a renowned trader, hails from one of the very prominent Itsekiri families, ‘The Ayomike’s’.

Her immediate elder brother, late J.O.S Ayomike a renowned writer served as commissioner in the old Bendel State from 1976-1979.

While her immediate younger brother, J.O Ayomike graduated from the London School of Economics and it is on record that he was the first to build a 5-star hotel in Abuja, Agura Hotel(Golden Tulip Agura hotel Abuja).

Despite the struggles, Amaju Melvin Pinnick’s mother, Madam Rebecca Ayomike worked very hard to make sure her children got the major tool for survival which is education, thereby fulfilling the wish of her late husband for the children. Amaju Melvin Pinnick is the last child of Madam Rebecca Ayomike.

Amaju Melvin Pinnick grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood and his father, being a disciplinarian would want the children to stay indoors to prevent them from having strange friends but Amaju would sneak out to mingle with his pals, perhaps to get some street education and earn street credibility.

He however faced the dire consequences for such acts as his no-nonsense father would have him punished but Amaju never deterred.

Sometimes, his father even wondered what kind of child Amaju was but the doggedness seen in him today, the manner in which he aggressively grows businesses, his leadership qualities were planted in him from those experiences he had.

Having risen through the ranks to become the chairman of Delta State Football Association, Amaju has displayed deep understanding of the game of football.

Coupled with being the Chairman of the State’s Sports Commission, where he delivered world class services which distinguished Delta State from other States in Nigeria.

He received many accolades and achieved feats which have been the force behind the growth of sports in Delta State. More than 100 coaches were trained at the National Institute for Sports (NIS), Lagos and the College of Physical and Health Education, Mosogor, Delta State respectively.

Apart from sponsoring the yearly Cooper test and seminar for referees for the past five years, for the past 11 consecutive years, Amaju Melvin Pinnick as the supremo of sports in Delta State secured the longest football sponsorship deal in Nigeria’s sports administration(FA) history with Oceanic Bank (now Ecobank).

He also ensured a lot of coaches and athletes trained overseas.

Amaju Melvin Pinnick Education

At the University of Benin, where he studied Political Science/Public Administration and graduated with a second class degree, upper division in 1994, his interest in sports especially football knew no bounds.

Before Amaju Melvin Pinnick ventured into sports, his primary area of interest, especially during secondary school days, was partaking in debates.

He was the head of his school, Hussey College’s debate team and won countless laurels.

In fact, in one of the outings in 1986, Mr. Dafe Onojowho, the former Chairman of the Editorial Board of Punch Newspapers, then Head Of Department, English Department, College of Education, Warri told Amaju he would be a great man and a good public speaker. That remark has remained indelible in Amaju’s memory.

Amaju Pinnick Sports Career

Sports has been an integral part of Amaju Melvin Pinnick since his childhood. During the over four weeks of FIFA sojourn in Nigeria, he worked in the Technical Study Group (TSG) under Walter Gagg, with the Event Manager, Michael Bakini and built close ties with the then FIFA President, Mr. Joseph Sepp Blatter.

Amaju Melvin Pinnick - Amaju Pinnick
Amaju Melvin Pinnick, Amaju Pinnick

Amaju Melvin Pinnick has also attended series of national and international workshops, seminars, expo and conferences that had adequately prepared him for the challenges of sports administration.

Despite his very busy schedule which has been mainly to serve humanity, the fame and wealth, Amaju would rather look to his family for love and support, a very direct way to tell any intruding lady to back off.

Amaju pays more attention to his family and he has a wife, Julie Pinnick who is a combination of beauty and brain.

Amaju Melvin Pinnick Family

Amaju is blessed with four lovely kids who are very dear to his heart and the least distraction he could ever face is that from any woman other than his darling wife, Julie.

Amaju met was hooked in love after spotting Julie for the first time at a wedding ceremony. He then ran into her in the company of her siblings at a club the same day and as a man who knows what he wants and needs, immediately approached her and made his intention known to her.

Trust Amaju Melvin Pinnick with the right lyrics to sway Julie as he acknowledged her beauty and thereafter proposed.

Initially, she was skeptical, especially in view of the fact that both hailed from two different ethnic groups and had different cultures. Amaju, an Itsekiri man to the core while Julie is an Igbo lady from Abia State.

Amaju Melvin Pinnick, Amaju Pinnick Family - (Photo by TY Bello)
Amaju Melvin Pinnick, Amaju Pinnick Family – (Photo by TY Bello)

Truth however, is Amaju’s parents and siblings wanted her to marry an Itsekiri woman but the good news is that at the end of the day, love prevailed and everyone believed in their love and gave their full support.

Amaju Pinnick Hobbies

All work and no play surely would make Amaju not the kind of man he is today and that is why at his leisure he does a lot of swimming as well as other exercises.

He also loves to spend quality time with his family by watching movies. He neither drinks or smokes, and yes, you can say he is an introvert.

Amaju loves the good things of life, of course, every hardworking and successful man deserves the good things of life, one of the reasons he loves fashion a lot.

He loves premium wrist watches and perfumes, no matter the cost and also loves good quality clothes and shoes with or without label.

As a traditional man, he also loves the Itsekiri traditional outfit which he wears mainly on special occassions. But the secret is that his mood affects the way he dresses.

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