Allen Onyema - Nigerian News

The Chairman, Air Peace, Mr Allen Onyema, has said, if Nigeria harnesses its human, natural and natural resources well and embraces unity, the country will be greater than all the countries in Europe put together.

Onyema, who had offered his company’s aircraft to airlift stranded Nigerians in South Africa following the recent xenophobic attacks, made the assertion in Lagos on Thursday during his investiture as an ‘Ambassador of Change’ by a non-governmental organisation, Centre for Change.

The Air Peace boss urged all Nigerians to work together in salvaging the country, saying government alone could not develop the country.

He said, “Nigeria is a country of 378 ethnic nationalities; that means we have a huge diversity. This diversity is supposed to be our strength but it has become an albatross of a kind to us. Why can’t we manage our diversity for the good and development of our nation?

“This country is blessed. The resources – human, natural and mineral resources we have in this country, if well harnessed, and if we do things in unity, this country will be greater than all the countries of Europe put together.”