Ali Nuhu Biography and Profile

Ali Nuhu (Ali Nuhu Mohammed) was born 15 March 1974, Maiduguri, Borno State, in northeastern Nigeria. His father Nuhu Poloma hailed from Balanga town of Gombe State and his mother Fatima Karderam Digema from Bama local government of Borno State. He grew up in Jos, and Kano. After high school education he received a Bachelors of Art degree in Geography from the University of Jos. He did his National Service in Ibadan, Oyo State. He later attended University of Southern California for a course in film production and cinematic arts. And Adonai university cotonou awarded him Doctorate degree in philosophy.

Nuhu, who has been in the Nigerian movie industry for many years, is one of the most famous actors from Northern Nigeria. His fame has led to ambassadorship deals with popular brands such as Glo and Samsung Nigeria. Nuhu’s dreams of becoming an actor started as a child but he only followed it up during his school days at the University of Jos. “Awwalu Salihu, a programmes manager then at NTA Jos gave me my first role in a drama programme for the station,” he said.

His break into the movies came when he met a Nollywood director, Uzo Ojukwu, who was shooting a film in Jos. Ojukwu said he needed somebody who could speak an Indian language as he was featuring an Indian, and Nuhu got the role.

“I acted in the movie and others started coming, like Return of Kazondia, House on Fire, and Mama Sunday. All these movies I acted in while I was still in school,” the handsome actor with boyish good looks said.

Ali Nuhu Mohammed Biography and Profile

Ali Nuhu Mohammed, born 15 March 1974, a Nigerian actor, producer, director and television personality referred to in the media as the “King of Kannywood”, has appeared in hundreds of Hausa language films and several English language films, and earned numerous accolades. Nuhu who has significant followers in Africa and the Nigerian diaspora worldwide in terms of audience size and income, has been described as one of the most successful film stars in Africa. Even with the continued controversies befalling his image in the north. The actor is set to be one of the best in (Nollywood) Kannywood. He has been seen in around some European countries shooting some blockbusters for Kannywood.

He is a rare mix of versatility, innovativeness and raw stage audacity. On account of his towering profile among his peers he is easily referred to as the King of Kannywood having featured in hundreds of Hausa language and English language movies. This has earned him numerous accolades than any other actor in Kannywood.

He is a trend-setter being the only actor to have successfully cut across the northern and southern axis of Nigeria doing what he was born to do: acting, producing and directing movies. He has a significant followership in Africa and among Nigerians worldwide. To his credit, he has featured in over 160 Hausa and 110 English movies. He is a multiple award winner, honoured both at home and abroad including the Afro Holywood Award in London.

He is a graduate of the University of Jos, a Globacom Ambassador, Royco Ambassador, among others endorsements. Endowed with good look, a frame naturally suited for the big stage, he has remained a role model for teeming Nigerian youths espousing the value and virtue of hard work. He is the quintessential Nigerian man: cognitively gifted and innovative. He is a sought-after brand and fondly called the Emir of Kannywood or simply King Ali.2)

How Ali Nuhu Started
After graduation, Nuhu went on to serve in Oyo State. From there, he relocated to Lagos where he featured in The Dream, starring comedian, John “Mr. Ibu” Okafor. He featured in several other Nollywood movies before moving to Kano, according to him, to contribute to building Kannywood.

“I started acting in Kannywood under the mentorship of people like Hajara Usman, Bashir Nayaya and Tijjani Ibrahim,” he said.

Over the years, he has acted in both in English and Hausa productions and has received many awards for his hard work and commitment to the Nigerian film industry.

“The awards I cherish the most include, the African Movie Academy Award, AMAA, the Africa magic Viewers’ Choice Award, AMVCA, African Film Festival and Academy Awards (ZAFAA) and Afro Hollywood awards. There are many others too that I like but these ones I mentioned are very important to me because of their local and international recognition,” he said.

Other milestones and memorable times in Nuhu’s career include the first time he produced a movie and it was shown in the cinema.

“I can’t forget the joy and the praises coming from the people who watched the film. Also, films like Wasila, Mujadala, Sangaya are films that makes me happy all the time because they are my early Hausa films and I like them so much,” he said.

However, one day he would never forget was the day he received the news of the death of fellow Kannywood actor, Ahmed S. Nuhu, in a car accident along Kano-Maiduguri Road.

“That incident really shocked me and I do not think that I have gotten so upset by any other incident. I was so close to him. He was related to me and we happened to be doing the same business, acting. I was really devastated that day,” he said.

Being an acclaimed actor and one of the famous faces of Kannywood, Nuhu has had the opportunity to mentor other actors, including the late Ahmed, Adam Zango, Hafsat Shehu, Maryam Hiyana and the late Ibrahim B. Nuhu.

“To my fans also I appreciate the support and God willing I shall not fail them. I shall always bring the best to them,” he said.

Ali Nuhu Mohammed’s Family
Ali Nuhu Mohammed married with children, also mentors his young son who, according to Nuhu, has featured in many Kannywood films.

“My son also features in many Kannywood films and I will give him all the support if at the end of the day he chooses acting as his career,” Nuhu said.

Ali Nuhu Mohammed Biography