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Adam Zango, Nigerian singer, songwriter and multiple award-winning actor, was born Adamu Abdullahi, on October 11, 1985, at Zango local government in Kaduna state, to the family of Mallam Abdullahi and Hajiya Yelwa Abdullahi, a black smith. He left town in 1992 after a tribal clashes. He moved to Plateau State where he studied primary school. Poverty prevented him from continuing his studies at that time. He was nicknamed Usher as a kid – because he was a dancer.

Adam A. Zango returned to Kano where he started working for a music and dance company. His first film is Sirfani, who claims to have directed it himself. He has appeared in more than 100 films over 16 years.

His friend and producer Falalu Dorayi said: “Adam Zango is one personality that cannot be compared in the industry. He is humble, calm and very articulate in ideas.”

He has numerous hits under his beat. He started his acting profession as a low level actor, but in a short while won recognition as an international icon by winning the Africa Movie Award in London, UK.

While many celebrities in the Kannywood industry struggle to create an impact in the film industry, Adam Zango popularly called ‘Usher’ has in a short time established himself as one of the best-known actors and great talent in kannywood while maintaining a conspicuous presence as a renowned musician. He was appointed INEC youth Ambassador in 2015.

Adam A. Zango musical career started way back from secondary school activities lead days and social club events which he used to represent his school in government secondary school laranto jos plateau state. The whole inspiration came as result of lack of sponsorship to proceed for his higher learning so the dreams of becoming a musical/movie star.

Adam Zango primary school career: 1989-1995. His secondary school: 1996-2001.

Adam says: “I think education goes beyond just having a degree or whatever. If an individual can make and contribute positive things to himself and the people he lives with; learn from them and give back that knowledge he has in whatever capacity, I think that is real education. I have so much experience in life and I am well educated in my own capacity. It doesn’t have to be a degree or Masters or whatever. I think at some point in life one has to get educated. It only depends on how you use your education to benefit the people. One of America’s most celebrated gymnast, Simone Biles, had all her education through home coaching. I am comfortable with what I have and who I am and I thank Allah for the skills he gave me. I have excelled in acting, I have excelled in singing, and I direct and produce films. So, tell me what else do I want again other than to keep praising Allah for all this and try to do more and more for myself and my fans.”

The famous Hausa playmaker, Adam A Zango, told the BBC why he was so divorced and later divorced.

“I cannot tell you what to do with my first wife, my second wife and my third wife.”

He also said: “God has written to man what is going to happen to him from the time of his birth to the day of his death.”

Then, Camp describes the issue with destiny from the Lord, saying: “God has given me everything I have asked for, except for a woman.”

Adam Zango’s Calls
Adam Zango called on the Nollywood film industry regulator to investigate the unholy relationships that might be going on among players in the industry.

Adam Zango Awards

  • Best Film for Gwaska – 2015
  • Kannywood Best Actor – 2012
  • Africa Movie Best Actor – 2014
  • City People Magazine Best Popular Actor – 2015
  • Zango received awards from Abalak Association, Republic of Niger
  • He received an award for “excellence in entertainment industry” from Wazobia
  • Angels Hope Foundation and a Lagos-based Arewa Films Production company, Alaba conferred ‘National Philanthropist of the year’ and ‘Viewers’ Choice of the year’ awards respectively on the Kannywood actor and Hausa hip-hop star, Adam A. Zango. The two awards followed his philanthropic gesture at settling the school fees of over a hundred students at Ango Abdullahi International School, Zaria, in Kaduna state.

Zango has featured in movies and music including “Ramlat,” “Dan Kuka” “Skelebe,” “Gambara,” among others.

Adam A. Zango had sponsored 101 students to study at Professor Ango Abdullahi International School, Zaria. The Chief Executive Officer of Prince Zango Production Nigeria Limited paid N46.75m for the three years scholarship for the 101 students.

The management of the school confirmed that Mr Zango paid N46,714,520 for the students who are in senior secondary 1 to SSS 3 to cover their tuition and other costs. In a letter of appreciation, the management of Prof. Ango Abdullahi International School, Zaria, thanked Zango for the gesture on behalf of the parents of the children.

“The Management of Professor Ango Abdullahi group of schools writes on behalf of the good people of Zaria Local Government to appreciate you for sponsoring the education of 101 children of Zaria in our reputable institution who are mostly orphans and children of the most vulnerable in our society.”

Loyalists applauded the awarding entities for recognizing the philanthropic gestures of Adam Zango. Nigerians from all walks of life have commended the actor and called on others to emulate him. Prominent among them is Bellol Lawal, Durimin Zazzau, who also prayed for them.

Adam Zango posted on his verified Instagram handle:

“I think it’s excellent to have the opportunity to help others and to support those who are worse off. Helping others, especially kids fulfill my heart and it’s something I enjoy doing. How do you contribute or add value to others? Every day we do our best to achieve great things. As from now on, together with my team, we won’t hide our good deeds any longer; we’ll work to improve the lives of women & underprivileged children, adolescents and families across the Nigeria.”

The Future
To beat the menace of film piracy in Nigeria, Adam Zango says he will now be releasing his new films only through his YouTube channel. In a video post on his Instagram page, Zango said his new movie, Gudun Mutuwa, will be released on October 10 and can only be watched on YouTube.

“Piracy has eaten deep into our industry. You cannot make gains anymore if you take your films to the market. You will hardly make a profit and also cinemas are really not working for the Industry,” he said.

Describing how his fans can access and watch the film, Zango said a unique link to the YouTube page will be sent to everyone who pays N1000 or send a recharge card number of any Nigerian mobile phone network of the same amount to a dedicated account number.

”We have sent out bank accounts and numbers that our able fans can use to either deposit money or send the recharge card. Once you have paid your name will be registered and you will be sent the link to the YouTube account at the time the film is released, that is on August 10.”

Adam Zango said all his movies can henceforth be viewed on YouTube, using the same procedure.