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2face Idibia Early Life

2face Idibia (Innocent Ujah Idibia), born 18 September 1975, known by his stage name 2Baba, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Humanitarian, and activist. He attended St. Gabriel’s secondary school Makurdi, Benue State. Where he then moved to Enugu- upon admission into Institute of Management Technology to study Business Management. While attending IMT, 2face Idibia started composing and singing jingles at the GB Fan Club at Enugu State Broadcasting Services (ESBS) in 1996. 2Face performed at school organised shows and parties, as well as other regional schools such as the University of Nigeria and Enugu State University of Science & Technology. He would later dropped out of school to bring to reality: the fulfilment of his dreams. He moved to Lagos, and life brought him together with rapper Black Face for the second time. They had met with each other while attending IMT. With Blackface (Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo) and musician Faze (Chibuzor Oji), they went on to form the trio band – Plantashun Boyz. And in the space of three years, Plantashun Boyz released two successful albums: Body and Soul (2000) and Sold Out (2003) under the Nelson Brown’s owned label, Dove Records, before disbanding in 2004. Hence, all band members sought separate music careers.

Prior to July 2014, he went by the stage name 2face Idibia. 2face Idibia makes good music and his songs are among the best filtering through speakers and earphones. His smash hit “African Queen” opened him up to new levels of fame and prosperity. The song, a romantic ode to the beauty and charm of the black woman sparked a total feminine appreciation all over Nigeria, the rest of Africa, and lands well beyond. It was featured as a sound track in the movie Phat Girlz (starring Mo’nique); and drove the sale of the album “Face2Face” (his debut) way past the platinum mark. It also recently won the award for Best Music of the Decade at the Nigerian Music Awards, 2007.

Innocent Ujah Idibia Biography and Profile

2face Idibia (Innocent Ujah Idibia), born 18 September 1975, in Jos, Nigeria. Innocent Ujah Idibia known by his stage name 2Baba, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. He is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa, and is also one of the most bankable artists in Africa. 2Baba has received one MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award, five Headies Awards (Hip-hop award), four Channel O Music Video Awards and one BET award for his musical work, four MTV Africa Music Awards, one MOBO award, one KORA award, and numerous additional nominations.

Some say he is the most successful contemporary music artiste in Nigeria today. Others say he is the best of his generation. But, there is no doubt that Innocent Ujah Idibia, renowned as Tuface Idibia (and fondly called 2baba by some), one of the best music exports Nigeria has ever produced. However, despite his phenomenal success and achieving superstardom, including a string of hits from his five albums to date – as well as the evergreen ‘African Queen’ from his debut solo album in 2004; Tuface, with over 16 years in the music industry, has remained humble and down-to-earth. His global success has also paved the way for many other Nigerian and African artistes to shine among world music galaxy of stars.

“There is no film trick around me. What you see is what you get, No hype,” he said. With an award cabinet and impressive resume a whole music generation once dreamed of, that may be the understatement of the year. Interestingly, his record label is called ‘Hypertek’.

2face Idibia Education

2face Idibia attended St. Gabriel’s secondary school Makurdi, Benue State. Where he then moved to Enugu- upon admission into Institute of Management Technology to study Business Management.

“Success is relative, but having an education is also very important and I would encourage anybody to get an education. Although you find that in some cases, some people didn’t even have access to education but they are very successful people today. All the same, education is important; it’s a plus and a very good advantage.”

Plantashun Boiz and Solo Career

2face Idibia moved to Lagos and started performing with rapper Blackface Naija. He met BlackFace during his secondary education in Benue. With Blackface (Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo) and with musician Faze (Chibuzor Oji), he went on to form the trio band Plantashun Boiz. Plantashun Boiz released two successful albums: Body and Soul (2000) and Sold Out (2003)under the Nelson Brown’s owned Label (Dove Records) before disbanding in 2004.

Relations were marred for many years during which the band broke up and its members started their solo careers. Long after the break-up known as the “Faze vs Tuface” beef, the band came back together in 2007 for the purpose of recording a third and final album entitled Plan B (2007). On numerous occasions, BlackFace claimed 2Face was performing songs co-written by both of them and not remitting revenues to him. After a long legal and media battle, the matter was finally laid to rest amicably.

After the disbandment of Plantashun Boyz in 2004, all band members sought separate musical careers. 2Baba released his debut solo album Face 2 Face (2004), which established him as a viable solo artist. Following the release of his debut album, he released his second album Grass 2 Grace in 2006, which contained hits “One Love”, “True Love, “4 Instance”. He is the founder of Hypertek Entertainment.

In 2006, his song “African Queen” was used in the soundtrack for the film Phat Girlz, which was released internationally. He released an experimental album in 2009 called The Unstoppable releasing the single “Enter the Place”. Problems with album distribution in 2007 caused as shift of the release date of the album from 2008 to early 2009.

In 2010, 2Baba released an “International Edition” of the same under the title The Unstoppable International Edition making him the first Nigerian artist to have an appropriately priced international album. 2face released two more singles from the international version of his The Unstoppable album. The international edition of the album won two awards at the 2010 SoundCity Music Video Awards. He also won the Channel O Music Video Awards Best African Western award and the MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Male and Artist of the year.

2face Idibia African Queen

2face Idibia African Queen, a love song in praise of the beauty of the African woman. Tuface said; African Queen is one of the most successful songs outside Africa so far.

“I can say it was a song that really made me as an artiste. It was written by me and Blackface. It was just a desire to do a love song to show respect and love for the African woman. That’s how it came up. We wrote the lyrics and melody together. I and Blackface wrote the first and second verse. But I wrote the last part of it which says: ”you know what I am feeling in my soul.”

Nigerian music industry

The industry is ripe, a lot of things are happening, many people are getting involved now, and many are interested in artist management now than some years ago. We have more entertainment lawyers, more promoters, and more people that are interested in music business now than some years ago. So the industry is growing. The quality of music and videos and the sound have tremendously improved. The talent has always been there, but these days you find that it is more of packaging than talent. Although, even with talent, you still need to package the product, but it is more of packaging now. I listen to a lot of music these days and you find that it just a few of the artistes today who actually have talent for music, majority is just packaging. But the thing is, entertainment is about entertainment, you know, it’s allowed. Understand what I’m saying?

To be honest with you, corruption is the reason why piracy is still a major issue in Nigeria, because if radio stations are not paying royalties, because they run to a government agent and they give them some sort of backing, you can’t shut them down, you can’t do anything about it, because the government is not taking it serious.

If the government knows that these artistes have to pay taxes and they are going to make a lot of money from collecting these taxes, then they could decide to create an avenue where these artistes will make big money and so pay them big taxes, and it goes round like that. If the government is serious, they would make effective laws and enforce it. They would make sure music pays and it will happen but because of corruption, this doesn’t happen. If police see person dey sell pirated CDs, dey no dey look am like crime. He go dey look as, why you just wan collect food from that boy hand, he doesn’t even know it’s a crime, na punishable offence, so it’s serious. The Nigerian government doesn’t take entertainment seriously, it’s not by dashing artistes or anybody money or by you know… but by actually saying, ‘this industry wetin be the thing wey they need to do to regulate am make e tight, so that it can actually be more productive.

Piracy is happening on a massive scale in Nigeria because the law enforcement, the people that are supposed to protect this intellectual property, don’t even see it as a crime. But the government is more serious about dealing with people who vandalise oil pipeline.

Talking about getting royalties from the air play of our songs, we now have collecting societies in Nigeria, like the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). But the people who are supposed to pay up for these people to work are not paying up, so what are they going to give you? Are they going to remove money from their pocket to give to you? COSON just started, at least they are trying to muscle NCCA and the other bodies that should make all these (royalties) laws work. A few of the Radio and TV stations have actually said they are going to pay, but it should not just be a few, it should be everybody. Only 1% of the people who are supposed to pay are presently complying.

“Tuface” Name

I chose that as a stage name, not because of any multiple personality but because of the fact that people in public will see me on TV, read about me in the papers, hear about me on the radio and it would create an impression for them, until they get to know the real me. The TV, radio, and papers are just one side of the whole story. But when you get to know the real me, every other thing now looks like film trick. So, Tuface is an artiste – the public figure, and Tuface, the actual me.

My Support for Sports Clubs

Over the years, I have changed my support for many clubs. At different times, it was Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid. So I won’t come out and say I’m a fan of any club. I don’t know, I guess I’m a fan of good football (General laughter).

People I Admire

I will just go for Wyclef. The guy is just too much. He has the kind of spirit I like, simple, friendly, intelligent, talented, focused, playful, down to earth, serious. He’s just my kind of person.

Fela is a big influence. Bongos Ikwue, Oliver De Coque, Hugh Masekela from South Africa, there’s plenty of them, the list is long.

2face Idibia Awards

The huge support 2face Idibia enjoys paved the way for a nomination at the MTV Europe Music Awards in the then-new “African Musician of the Year” category, which he eventually picked up. So far, he has not done badly in the honors department. In recognition of his immense popularity and achievements, the United Nations is reportedly making him a goodwill ambassador.

2face Idibia: “I think it was when I won the MTV Europe Music Awards. When I got that award, it was like okay, there’s no going down anymore. I have to keep on working, keep on moving.”

Lists of 2face African Queen Awards:

  1. Best Video 2004 A.M.E.N Award
  2. Best Male Vocalist 2004 A.M.E.N Award
  3. Outstanding contribution to the Entertainment Industry 2004 Award for Excellence.
  4. Music of the Year 2004 Excellence Recognition Award
  5. Best New Act Male 2004 A.M.E.N Award
  6. Song of the Year for “African Queen” 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Award New York
  7. Best Album of the Year Nigeria Entertainment Award New York
  8. Best Hip Hop and R&B Artist 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Award New York
  9. Musician of the Year 2004 City People Award for Excellence
  10. Best Male Video of The Year 2005 Channel O Music Video Award
  11. Special Recognition Award 2005 Hip Hop Award
  12. Best African Act 2005 Kora Award
  13. Best Song of the Year 2005 G.C.E International Award
  14. Best African Video of the Year 2005 Channel O Music Award
  15. Best African Act 2005 MTV Europe Music Award

2Face Idibia Personal Life and His Children

2face Idibia revealed that having many baby mamas at a young age, almost sent him into depression. According to the multiple award-winning entertainer, said having many children from different women made him drink a lot in the past as many people mcoked him.

“Having so many children from different women at such a young age almost sent me into depression. I drank alot because people laughed at me and called me names. Nobody cared that I was an artiste or that I hard worked so hard.”

It’s not easy. Sometimes, it is painful, especially when you don’t get to see them as often as you would wish to because of work. Today I’m here, tomorrow, I’m there, sometimes for weeks, months; plus the fact that they have different moms… I didn’t plan for it this way, but it happened and I have accepted it, no shaking. My plan was to have a wife and then have children. Something happened along the line, but I didn’t run away from it.

I’m not the guy who will tell his son or daughter that you must study this or that. If I see that they actually have genuine talent for it, I will definitely encourage them. If it is music, I’ve been there and still there, it would even be easy for me to be their best adviser.

2face Idibia Children
2face Idibia Children


Singer Innocent Idibia broke down in tears after his wife, Annie Idibia, and his first baby mama, Pero Adeniyi, settled their rift. The reconciliation occurred at Crescendo Lounge in Ikeja, Lagos. While the circumstances around the reconciliation are unclear, 2face expressed how happy and moved to tears he is as a result of the two women patching up a longtime feud.

Pero and Annie, who were sworn enemies, finally hugged each other to the delight of guests at an event while 2face’s popular hit track, One Love, played in the background. 2face wept uncontrollably on Pero’s shoulders before Annie stepped in and they hugged. Pero, who is based in the U.S., is the daughter of a wealthy Nigerian businessman, Jide Adeniyi.

There has been a lot of drama between 2Baba, Annie and Pero in the past couple of years – from Pero’s sister calling Annie out on Instagram to photos of Pero and 2face kissing in a club surfacing online. Their frosty relationship took a front burner when photos of 2Face Idibia reportedly kissing Pero at the singer’s nightclub back in 2015 broke the Internet. Their rift can be traced back to 2015 and 2016 when they both called each other out on social media for the first time.

“I am aware of the photo’s circulating the Internet with my husband and Pero Adeniyi. I want to state officially that I was not in that space at that time and therefore there was no confrontation between myself and Pero Adeniyi.”

“Pero Adeniyi and this momentary indiscretion pose no threat whatsoever to my relationship with my husband. As a matter of fact, for all of our children’s’ sake, I do encourage cordial relationships with parties involved.”

“This year, my focus is solely on God, family and my career which doesn’t give me the luxury of paying attention to any distractions,” Annie said in a statement at the time

2face dated Pero in 2005 after an armed robbery attack in his Festac apartment left him and his siblings injured and traumatized. Amidst a very turbulent relationship, Pero gave 2Baba three kids.


2Baba has established an NGO called The 2Baba Foundation whose motto is “service to humanity”. Formerly known as The 2Face Reachout Foundation, and eventually The 2Face Foundation, the foundation underwent a name change in September 2016, and is now known as The 2Baba Foundation. The foundation’s work is centred around nation building, peaceful co-existence, and accountability in governance.

In 2009, 2Baba was appointed as ambassador by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.[35] He released a song “Man Unkind” to raise awareness on the menace of fake and sub-standard food and drug products in Nigeria.

In 2009, he was presented with the prestigious International Youth Ambassador for Peace Summit and the Nigeria Youth Merit Award by the National Youth Council of Nigeria in recognition of his contributions to youth development in Nigeria. In January 2017, 2Baba announced a partnership with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

2face Idibia Women

ANNIE IDIBIA: Before 2baba proposed and got married to Annie Idibia, she was only one of the trinity of baby mamas. She however emerged as the chosen one who got the ring.

2Face Idibia and wife Annie Idibia
2Face Idibia and wife Annie Idibia

SUMBO AJABA: Sumbo is the one of the three who has maintained the lowest profile as she wasted no time in marrying someone else when it became obvious that 2baba, her baby daddy was never going to walk down the aisle with her.

2face Idibia ex-wife Sumbo Adeoye
2face Idibia ex-wife Sumbo Adeoye

PERO ADENIYI: Pero must have felt really hard done when 2baba elected to marry Annie. After all, she was the one who had not one or two but three kids for the so called father of all nation. She, however, accepted the decision without much fuss with her three jewels more than enough to show for her emotional investment in the legendary pop star.

Pero Adeniyi ex-wife Sumbo Adeoye
Pero Adeniyi ex-wife Sumbo Adeoye

2face Idibia Children: Isabella Idibia, Nino Idibia, Justin Idibia, Rose Idibia, Zii Idibia, Innocent Idibia.

2face Big Dreams

Everyone wishes to take his game to the highest level, but what you don’t know is how fast or how long it would take to get there, but you definitely have that dream of getting there. So I had a dream of becoming a successful musician/ artiste. I hoped, worked and prayed for it and I’m getting there.

Innocent Ujah Idibia Biography and Profile